Sampa Guhamajumder: Gujarat: Chhat puja is the most popular festival in Bihar, Jharkhand and UP. This festival is celebrated on the sixth day of ‘Kartik ‘month. The main myth is, Chhath Puja was Celebrated by Draupadi in order to solve their problems and helped the Pandavas later regain their lost kingdom. Surya Putra Karna, ruler of Anga Desh(Bhagalpur in BIhar) was first started the puja during the age of Mahabharata.The history of this eco friendly Puja dates back to the early Vedic period. It is interesting that there is no idol worshiped. Chhathi Maiya is called Usha(in the Vedas) the youngest wife of God Surya is worshipped. The rituals are very strict to compare of the other Hindu festival in India. Devotees fast for the full day, do not take the drop of water and food. Third day is the main festival day. 36 hours of fasting and standing in the water for long time, is done with offering ‘arghya’ to setting sun by the ladies. Chhath is not a gender specific festival, so men are also participating.This four days elaborate celebration is main festival in Bihar. The ‘prashad’ is kheer, Thekua, rice laddu, prepared with wheat , rice, dry fruits, nuts, jaggery etc. Devotees go to the river bank with their offerings and pay homage to the Sun God. Sunset and before sunrise is considered as the focus of the ceremony. After prayers and bathing in the river, the fast is ended. Chhath is celebrated all over the world. Here Bihari and UP people are celebrating Chhath Puja in Gujarat.


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