Aobut Us

RNI NUMBER: WBBIL/2016/70596

Increasingly people are increasingly busy. And the technology is moving forward with it. In this new era, the news is immediate now. It is almost immediately reaching an event in the hands of everyone. It’s not just luxury, but it’s very important today. And it’s the fundamental right of all people.
We have come to know about what is happening, what is happening at the far end of the world from the known mahala, our new website,
We do not favor anyone. Not against anyone. There is no obligation to present someone as ‘Mahanabhabh’. It is not intended to force anyone to make ‘villain’. Our bias is the only one – establishing the perfect truth in the human court.
Our endeavors, delivering a basic news to the reader. We want to present outside politics, entertainment, sports, daily life-time, all the aspects of society which thinks of the common man, have sorrow. Or inspire.
The medium of our efforts is Bengali and English language. Who does not know the glory of literature in that language. So in addition to the whole world, we have kept our literature in our language as well. This ‘the time of the country’ is also the story of poetry, essay, article fiction reader.
And when this website is for the Bangalees, then why the adayai is dropped? We have kept readers’ opinions, ‘literature’, ‘literature’, stories, poems, and special section ‘Art and Photography’ for the opinion of readers. Our hope is that this art and photography gallery will become the perfect address for Bangali and non-Bengalis all over the world, which is a great way of painting, lighting, writing.
Every line of time and writing should become luminous, at your own web site.