Srijita Seal Kolkata

A piece of art can speak a thousand words, as it reflects the artist’s deep emotions.
Sourav Shee is one of the most promising artists hailing from Kolkata.

Photographs taken by Jayanta Shaw

On April 3 the exhibition commenced at the Academy of Fine Arts, New South Gallery . At the inaugural ceremony all his students were present. Each work undoubtedly encapsulates the depth of Sourav’s emotions and creativity, resonating profoundly with the viewers.
This exhibition, Unseen, is showcasing more than 100 pictures solely painted by him.

He has drawn several portraits with pencil and charcoal,it’s beyond anyone’s imagination that someone could garner recognition as one of the nation’s premier portrait artists in just 25 years.

Particularly striking are his mastery of color depth, seamless transitions between hues, adept shading, and skillful use of charcoal and colors, which are bound to captivate observers.Sourav’s artwork in drawing and painting is poised to become essential educational material for contemporary art students.

Every piece of art on exhibit welcomes all enthusiasts to come and appreciate its magnificence. Watch the video

All pictures taken by Jayanta Shaw.


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