Santanu Bhattacharjee:
The litlle cerebrum of Arinjita is combat ready even as she planned to celebrate her 11 th birthday little differently. She celebrated her birthday feast with the starving workers of a brick kiln near her house at Madhyagram in outskirts of the city of Kolkata.

What more important, little Arinjita did not took a single penny from her businessman father for this feast. The entire expense was borne from the prize money that she won from a popular bengali show, Dadagiri, hosted by former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly.Arinjita shot to fame as she is a 3 times winner in national championship junior level category and she has shown tremendous calibre to perform there at such a young age.

She is also commonwealth cup silver medalist and has host of othernational and international awards under her belt.

But how did the little girl conceived the idea? Some of the credit goes to her parents too.Arinjita saw how her parents were trying to feed the poor in the ares she live.This provided her idea the launchpad for such a nobel work at this early stage of life.We too wish little Arinjita a very happy and prosperous birthday.


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