Srijita Seal Kolkata

“Two roads diverse the yellow woods,

And sorry I could not travel both…”- Robert Frost had penned these eternal words a century ago but till date these words are apt.


A career has often been considered to be an occupation or profession, requiring a special training and being usually followed through one’s lifetime.

Recently a cohort of students have passed their Secondary and Senior Secondary examinations. Many of them have clear goals and are about to throw their arrow to their set targets while many are confused, which path to choose and which not.

Pressures from the parents, peers, constant bombarding information from the media constantly shudder their focus like the flickering wick of a candle. But in order to succeed in the future, one must stay focused, stick at the focal point after knowing one’s own potential.

Tips for choosing a career:

  • Assess yourself 
  • Know your passion, interests & aptitude 
  • Explore options 
  • Talk with the experts who has expertise in the relevant fields
  • Experiment and test
  • Prepare and plan
  • Network and apply for opportunities 

Consult a career counsellor if you still face any hurdles to choose the right career path. The counsellor would shed light after assessing your strengths and weaknesses.


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