“Mamata ji has transformed…” Modi commented amidst the election campaign

Srijita Seal Odisha

“Once, Bengal was the economic capital of the country. However, it has now been demolished due to illegal immigration and vote bank politics,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi was heard lamenting concerning the condition of West Bengal once again. He fiercely criticized the ruling party of Bengal. “Mamata Banerjee has changed,” the Prime Minister also commented.

On Friday evening, during the election rally in Odisha, Narendra Modi made various comments about the neighboring state, West Bengal. In response to a journalist’s question, he said, ‘Once, Bengal was the economic capital of the country. For several centuries, Bengal led as much as economic and social reforms have occurred in this country. I still have faith in the potential of the people of Bengal.

There is belief in the youth power of West Bengal. However, due to wrong policies and wrong leadership, Bengal’s situation has deteriorated. At first, it was due to the Left, and then due to the Trinamool, Bengal has been destroyed.’

Modi spoke with conviction about the Clean Sweep in West Bengal. He further stated, ‘The issues about which Mamata Ji once threw papers in Parliament, now, with firmness, she has surrendered to those issues today. The vote bank has turned into a golden mine for her. There have been many changes within Mamata Ji. She has transformed. But the people of Bengal are not accepting this. They are seeking opportunities.’ He further said, ‘Before this, we were in single digits in the Bidhansabha elections. Now, we have reached 80-85. This time in the Lok Sabha, we will clean sweep from Bengal. This is my confidence.’

Opposition leaders of the I.N.D.I. Alliance, including Mamata Banerjee, have allegedly said, “The BJP government is misusing the central forces ED and CBI for political gains. Opposition politicians are being targeted, and arrests are being made at will.” In this context, Modi retorted,

‘The ED’s campaign against economic misconduct and the steps taken are only aimed at prosecuting three percent of politicians. Besides, the way wads of notes were recovered from states like West Bengal or Jharkhand is not something the public can overlook. Central agencies will take action against this. Banknote counting machines had become exhausted after counting those. This situation has emerged in these states.’

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