Tram, this fascinating tram system stands as a unique testament to the city’s heritage.

The Kolkata tram is the oldest tram network in Asia. When the Kolkata’s Tram with their distinctive yellow and green livery weaves passes through the hustling in bustling streets of Kolkata, it offers a charming contrast to the city’s modern transport.

The slow and rhythmic clatter of the tram wheels resonates with the heartbeat of Kolkata, connecting the past with the present.

As the tram navigates through the narrow lanes of North Kolkata, the passengers are not just transported from one location to another, but also through the pages of history.

The wheels of the tram first rolled over the criss-cross lanes of the city of joy on 24th February, 1873. Since then the clattering and clamoring sounds resonated in the city. 

The tourists from all over the world, never miss this opportunity to get the flavor of nostalgia.

Tram in Kolkata is much more than just a means of transportation, it is a living heritage that transverses in the city’s past and present. The Kolkata tram remains as the symbol of resilience, sustainability and the timeless spirit of Kolkata.


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