The Golden Photo Contest 2018″

Your entire is usually made up of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sometimes, it’s simply boring or completely adventurous. Use your “Camera & Cellphone” to capture your surroundings with the unusual angles to create gripping images. “

“Funny moments are always waiting for us right around the corner. For this contest, we want you capture humorous everyday instances, and present theme in a creative way.”

“There are thousands of occupations that keep our society running, this your chance to observe and document the various profession’s that inspire you in a skilled and creative manner.”

“Look beyond the usual pictures of the monsoon, nature,portrait, daily life,landscapes,travel,culture,fashion, skyscape,StreetLife,wedding, wildlife,day & night every subject show us your creative best!”

“Congratulations” Respectable Member, Mr Saikat Mallick –

Your image has been nominated for DESHER SAMAY ” The Golden Photo Contest “November 2018, Awards.

Thank you so much for being share your photos with us.

Hope you will post your best pictures in future & invite your friends in this group.

Congratulations again and Happy Clicking.

“Thanks for join us”


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