Srijita Seal Jalpaiguri

It’s Baishakh, the season of weddings. On Thursday, Shubhankar Indra and Sutapa Ray , of Jalpaiguri tied the knot. On Friday, they set out in their wedding attire to cast their votes. After celebrating traditions together, they hurried to the polling center, turning it into a festive affair of Band-Baaja-Vote.

Upon hearing the news, even the local councilor arrived, and congratulated the couple with chocolates .

Shubhankar Indra resides on New Circular Road in Jalpaiguri, while his wife Sutapa Ray lives in Senpara  in Jalpaiguri. They got married on Thursday . On Friday after their wedding day, the couple joyously embraced the tradition of celebrating rituals together,  then they rushed to the polling center. Shubhankar was the first to cast his vote from the New Circular Road center.

Shubhankar Indra expressed, “I’ve come to cast my vote after the ‘bashi biye’ wedding rituals. I haven’t even had a meal yet. Altogether, it’s a different experience. Actually, voting is our democratic right and it is essential. That’s why I’ve come to exercise it.” 

Right after the groom cast his vote, the bride headed to her own polling center. Jalpaiguri District Magistrate Shama Parveen expressed admiration for this young couple’s enthusiasm for their contribution to the celebration of democracy


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