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In the first phase of the Lok Sabha election, there has been a one-sided vote in favor of the National Democratic Alliance. On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed this from the stage of the rally in Maharashtra, he said, people have realized that the I.N.D.I. Alliance was formed by the coalition of corrupt leaders , and they didn’t wish good for the country. So, in the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections for the 102 seats in the country, voters immensely  favored  NDA everywhere.

After PM made this claim, West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee strongly criticized the BJP from the public gathering at Gazole, Malda.

She alleged the media’s election reviews are not entirely true. She proclaimed, BJP had influenced these reviews by money. Nobody should believe them at all. No matter how much BJP leaders claim their victory, they won’t succeed this time. At the same time Trinamool supremo attacked CPI(M), Congress, and BJP, by calling them brothers.

She said, “We were the ones who formed the I.N.D.I. Alliance. But in Bengal, Congress is benefitting BJP. There is no I.N.D.I. Alliance in Bengal. We are solely contesting against BJP. When the I.N.D.I. Alliance comes to power at the center, then we will support them. Mamata denounced, some people are showing the temptation of 5 crore, 10 crore rupees, asking to stay silent with the money, and quietly cast their vote for BJP. If they are not convinced to do so, then they are feared by ED & CBI.”

Employing the agency to influence votes? 

From the stage of the rally at Gazole, Malda,Mamata posed questions at the BJP candidates and former MP from North Bengal. “Why should people vote for you? Have you said anything for Bengal? When the center withheld the wages of the Bengal’s workers for MGNREGA, what did you do? What have you done when the BJP government has withheld the funds for Awas Yojna in Bengal?

Trinamool Supremo posed several questions. When the Hathras incident happened in UP, where atrocities occurred against Dalits, where were the BJP leaders? In protest against the atrocities against women, the country’s accomplished women have returned their awards. Even after the polling has commenced, how does the Prime Minister use military helicopters?

While calculating the efforts to uplift the region, Mamata stated, “Mangoes from Malda are exported to Europe; we have made that possible by building the infrastructure. We are planning to expand the airport in Malda. Representatives from Congress and BJP have previously gone to Parliament from this district. However, they haven’t said anything for the development of the district. Trinamool supremo also alleged violence erupted during Ram Navami.”

At the same time, she reassured, “As long as I am here, none of these will happen. Who will eat what, that’s their own business, why do you threaten us?” Mamata reached Manikchak after the rally in Gazole. From the rally in Manikchak, Mamata said, “If you don’t want the NRC, CAA, then don’t give a single vote to the BJP. When the NRC happened in Assam, only Trinamool protested.”

When the NRC was conducted in Assam and the names of 29 lakh people were excluded, where were the political parties then? They did not allow us to enter. Even before I set foot in Assam, they had filed seven cases against me. As long as I am alive, I won’t let anyone harm Bengalis. Ms. Banerjee said, “BJP has plans to cut votes. That’s why they are supporting Congress and CPI(M) here. They are also following BJP’s instructions.”

“That’s why I don’t trust CPI(M) and Congress even a bit. After the elections, it has been mentioned once again that 11lakh families in Bengal will receive funds for housing,” reiterated the Chief Minister.

While CM conducted a rally in Malda, endorsing Trinamool candidate Krishna Kalyani in the Raiganj constituency, Trinamool’s All India General Secretary, Abhishek Banerjee, held a rally in Goalpokher, Uttar Dinajpur. He emphasized, “I pledged development during the Panchayat elections, and progress is underway. Vote for Trinamool in Raiganj. I assure you that necessary development will occur.” He further guaranteed that as long as Trinamool remains in power, there will be no implementation of NRC or CAA in Bengal.

After the rally in Goalpokher, Abhishek conducted a Road Show in support of Trinamool candidate Biplab Mitra in Balurghat. A multitude of people broke out in the vicinity. 

On the other hand, actor Mithun Chakraborty held a rally in support of BJP candidate Sukanta Majumdar in Balurghat. Without naming them, he indirectly criticized Trinamool as the party of cow thieves, coal thieves, and ration thieves.Trinamool claimed in the first phase of elections that BJP will not succeed.

On the day of election results, their destiny will be revealed. In North Bengal, the three constituencies where voting occurred on April 19 – Coochbehar, Alipurduar, and Jalpaiguri – all will shift away from BJP’s grip. Trinamool will emerge victorious. Right after the elections, Trinamool will declare a victory rally in North Bengal. MLA Nisith Pramanik acknowledged that the electoral polls were conducted peacefully in Coochbehar during the first phase.

He said, “In the past, there have been instances of violence surrounding the elections in Coochbehar, but not this time. Trinamool leaders have attempted to spread violence in several places but failed.”

To ensure peace in the upcoming phases, the Election Commission is bolstering its efforts. According to commission sources, 277 company forces will be deployed in the second phase, with an additional hundred forces in the third phase, totaling 402 company forces will be present during the fourth phase.

MP Adhir Chowdhury’s has been consecutively been facing political unrest,  this has stirred up political atmosphere. Just a few days ago, he encountered a protest in Baharampur. On Saturday, Trinamool supporters and members surrounded him again at Naoda, chanting “Go back” slogans.

In response to this incident, Chowdhury remarked that Trinamool is attempting to foment unrest in anticipation of their defeat. However, he believes all these efforts will be in vain. He asserted his capability to control unruly forces on the day of the vote.

TMC leader Kunal Ghosh stated that Adhir Chowdhury appears directionless, confused, and hopeless, thus engaging in these theatrics.


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