Srijita Seal,Coochbehar

While I was traveling along the road, it felt like a roadshow. I carry your heartfelt blessings and affections. I extend thanks to the Chief Minister of Bengal. Upon my arrival here in 2019, a large stage was erected in the center, and this left a narrow space for me, this was done so that nobody could listen to my speech. On that occasion, I advised Mamata didi, “Didi, you made a mistake; by doing this, people will respond.” And that’s what happened. However, today Mamata didi has chosen not to repeat such actions; she has cleared the ground. Today, I can gaze upon all your faces, as no obstacles have been placed to hinder the people of Bengal from being seen, for this I extend my gratitude to her.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing a rally in Coochbehar, emphasized the need for India to ascend to the position of the world’s third-largest economic power, where he highlighted that people of Bengal would be significantly benefited . The impending Lok Sabha election presents an opportunity to propel the nation towards becoming the world’s third-largest economic power. He emphasized that thus there is an ardent need to establish a strong government. Modi asserted that over the past decade, the country has witnessed mere trailers, with many more important tasks still pending.

In the campaign rally in Coochbehar, PM Modi campaigned supporting BJP candidate Nishith Pramanik. Where he stated, “What the nation has achieved in the past decade is merely a trailer. Much more work remains to be done.” While addressing, he summarized the achievements of the past decade, he focussed attention on the fact that in Bengal, 40 lakh people have received pucca houses, farmers are receiving financial aid directly into their accounts from the central government, and millions of people across the country have gained access to toilets. Nevertheless, he underscored that all these are just the “trailers,” and there is much more work left to be done to elevate the country to the status of the third economic power in the world. Narendra Modi initiated his second-phase campaign in the state from Coochbehar.

In the previous election, Nishith Pramanik emerged victorious in this constituency. Rajbangshi votes play a significant role in determining the outcome here. Just two days ago, Rajya Sabha member Anant Maharaj expressed concerns about the BJP’s engagement with the Rajbangshi community. He alleged that the BJP government had failed to deliver on its promises to the Rajbangshis over the past five years. However, he was spotted at this day’s campaign. 

For building the nation as the third-largest economic power , a strong government is imperative. A fragile coalition government won’t be able to achieve that.Modi criticized the INDIA Alliance, emphasizing the necessity of a robust government. He characterized the upcoming election as pivotal for establishing a powerful government in the country. Modi declared, “Your aspirations are my commitments.”Addressing the workers and supporters present at the rally, Modi urged,”When you will cast your vote at the polling booth, remember, it’s not just an election; it’s a decision to propel the country towards becoming the third-largest economic power.”

Modi condemned the Bengal government for the Sandeshkhali incident. He said TMC bears the sole responsibility for all the misdeeds and cautioned that they will have to pay for it.

Today, he proclaimed, “The BJP is committed to ensuring that those accountable for the Sandeshkhali incidents face severe punishment, potentially spending their entire lives behind bars. And that’s why it’s necessary to win for the BJP.” The Safron party is expecting electoral gains in the upcoming Lok Sabha election, keeping the Sandeshkhali incident at the forefront.In this parliamentary election, the BJP has chosen Rekha Patra as the candidate from Sandeshkhali, representing her as the “protest face” of Sandeshkhali. Narendra Modi has already spoken with her . Modi again raised the Sandeshkhali issue , which many politicians are considering as a  significant move before the elections.


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