West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee was spotted while she was plucking tea leaves along with the workers wearing the tea pluckers’ attire.

On Friday while addressing the programme in Kurseong,  Trinomool supremo affirmed to all the hill dwellers that from now on nobody has to go outside the state as several opportunities will be created in the hometown and many people around the world will come to the hills.

She said that industrialists are afraid to put up industries in unsettling places, CM asked all of them to maintain peace and tranquillity in the mountains and she will assuredly acclimatise this region.

The TMC supremo said,”I have ties of blood with all the people of plains and hills . This is a beautiful place… there are some people who turn up just before the elections and try to sow seeds of discord among us. Don’t pay any attention to them … accepted by the people of the hills.”, without naming any one. 

CM Bannerjee announced several initiatives,

An IT hub will be set up in Kurseong, many small and medium scale industries will be established around Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Mirik, Kurseong. She has exhorted industrialists to come to the hills and to make investments.

On Thursday, the North Bengal Business Summit was organised at Biswa Bangla Shilpi Haat in Kawakhali, Siliguri.

In the conference, chief secretary Hari Krishna Dwivedi, highlighted a proposal of R.S. 24000 crore investment by several industries, and said very soon the industries will be established in this belt.

Supremo announced that under the Cha Sundari Project, the state government will provide permanent houses to three lakh tea garden workers. She said the state government will provide Patta to those who want the ‘Pattas’ .

As for a long time granting the land rights was a key demand of the people in the tea growing states.

On that day CM announced her next target, that is to reach the tap water in those households who have not yet got the service and it will be solely provided by the state.

Banerjee said, there are many schools in North Bengal where the posts are lying vacant, she announced that the regional school service commission will appoint teachers to fill up the posts and she added that in this regional teachers will get the prior opportunity.


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