Srijita Seal ,Asansol

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee lashed out with allegations regarding the NSG Commando operation. She claimed that this operation had been conducted without informing the state police. She even expressed concerns that the recovered weapons and explosives might have been brought there by vehicles.

On Saturday, Mamata Banerjee campaigned in support of Trinamool Congress candidate Shatrughan Sinha in Asansol. While addressing a rally, Banerjee said, ‘It feels like a war is going on. Why are the CBI, NIA, and NSG needed? The state police are not being informed. No one knows from where what was recovered. They might have brought those by car. There is no evidence that those things were kept in that house.’

Trinamool alleged that this is like a theatrical act. These theatrics are enacted on selected days to influence the votes of Sandeshkhali.

“It feels like a war is going on! Why does the CBI and NSG even need to be summoned if a chocolate bomb explodes?” She also alleged that the BJP has been conspiring all these by focusing on the votes”, Bannerjee said.

Trinamool Supremo said, “Even today, I heard that bombs have been stored in the house of a BJP leader in Sandeshkhali. It seems they contemplate that they can win by storing bombs and scraping jobs.

On Friday, amidst the second phase of Lok Sabha elections, the CBI conducted an investigation in Sandeshkhali to search for arms and ammunition. After the CBI officials went to investigate, the central forces, along with the NSG commandos, bomb squad, and robots, also went for the operation. At the end of the day, news of the recovery of a large amount of weapons from Sandeshkhali was also reported by the central agency.

TMC Supremo alleged, the BJP is fabricating incidents using Central Agencies to confuse people. On Saturday, Banerjee expressed anger over the cancellation of SSC jobs. Alongside, she also raised her voice against the BJP candidate from Asansol constituency, Surinder Singh Ahluwalia. Moreover, she claimed that in previous elections, BJP candidates won by distributing money.


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