Media has become an indispensable part of our lives. But do you know excessive exposure to various media is linked to various mental health issues in children.

Srijita Seal, columnist in Desher Samay, has vividly described how media has harmful effects on children and what measures can be taken to prevent these harmful consequences.




Bheem is a popular cartoon character. All the children love to  imitate all the activities of Chhota Bheem. Although the cartoon portrays that Bheem fights against all woes and vices, often this idea gets overshadowed and the children  shift their focus on the fighting scenes which spreads erroneous information.

Not only TV but also a variety of video games like Pubg, Mortal Kombat etc, increase people’s aggressive feelings and behaviours.

Many times it can be found that children show nasty behaviour. According to many psychologists, these can be the outcome of vicarious learning, or the kind of environment where the child resides, or repressed anger, or the kind of parenting styles etc.

In Bandura’s famous bobo doll experiment it was found that children imitate each other because they observe the actions of others . Thus the children who are exposed to the violent behaviours tend to model those behaviours.

Studies of Huesmann, Eron, (1980), found that children who gaped at violence on television for hours, they tended to show higher levels of aggressive behaviour when they became teenagers.

Many parents believe that if  they are very strict with their children, by imposing many rules, with a hope that they will become better humans. Although this leads to obedient and proficient children, but they rank lower in happiness, social competence and self esteem. (Authoritarian Parenting style)

Some parents oftens to prioritise to be their child’s friends rather than being a parent. They are very warm, but they rarely enforce any rules and have few expectations, they allow their  children to make their own decisions when they are not even capable . (Permissive Parenting style)

Many parents are overburdened with their work life or many have problems in their family so they can’t fulfil their child’s wishes, and they are very less responsive and have very little communication, thus these children lack self control, and are less competent as their peers. (Uninvolved Parenting style).

Although there is no ideal way of parenting, according to many, an authoritative parenting style is the best. Authoritative parents establish rules and guidelines as well as they are much more democratic . This parenting style results in happy, capable and successful children. (Authoritative Parenting style)

Although the media violence is not going to abate, in fact it is sharply increasing as the technology continues to advance. But parents and teachers can help to thwart these adverse effects of media violence by taking a few measures:-

  • Limiting child’s media exposure
  • By using creative play 
  • By turning off the television during the meal times
  • Indulge to play outside in park, grouds instead of playing video games

It is very essential to reduce the exposure to media violence as several studies have shown that children who witness considerable media violence can become desensitised , reduces sympathy for targets of violence people, suspicious of others intention and less shocked by violence, pain and suffering of others.


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