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Prime Minister Narendra Modi commented during the middle of the Lok Sabha elections that there will be some prolific changes coming in Bengali soon; it’s just a matter of time. He mentioned that the Trinamool Congress is solely responsible for Bengal’s downtrodden condition but expressed his full faith that Bengal’s resurgence will happen with the BJP. He also indicated that the BJP will perform well in the Lok Sabha elections in Bengal.

Modi was heard making pertinent remarks on Bengal’s affairs during an interview given to TV-9 network. Criticizing the West Bengal government, he said, “No matter how much abuse they hurled at the BJP, where will they hide their megabucks? Bundles of notes have been found from every corner of the room even beneath the bed. The nation witnessed this, which led to growing disgust over the mounting allegations against the incumbent government.” Modi emphasized his government’s commitment to combating corruption vigorously.

Modi’s frequent advocacy for women’s empowerment is well-known. He emphasized, “If 50% of India’s population contributes to the country’s progress, the path to development will be smoother. We are dedicated to empowering women and believe in their transformative potential for India’s future. Even during my tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat, I prioritized the empowerment of women. I firmly believe that women can compete with any major brands. Women-owned enterprises like Amul or Lijjat Papad can rival any big brands.” Expanding on this theme, Modi mentioned, “In the context of empowerment, this time, Rekha Patra has been nominated as a candidate from Sandeshkhali. I have personally spoken with Rekha Devi.” Commending Rekha Devi’s role, Modi remarked, “I am convinced that women’s empowerment holds the key to addressing the atrocities in Bengal. Despite a woman holding the leadership position, the current state of affairs in Bengal disappoints women and men alike. Significant changes are on the horizon for Bengal; it’s just a matter of time.” 

Alongside the fervor of national elections, political excitement has surged in Bengal as well. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, out of Bengal’s 42 seats, BJP secured 18. Projecting further gains, the Saffron Camp’s victory chariot is anticipated to roll its wheels again, as optimistically stated by Modi. This time, in the Brigade, Central Home Minister, Amit Shah, aimed for 30 to 35 seats from Bengal. While Modi desires full marks from Bengal. He envisions a complete sweep in Bengal this time, aiming for all 42 seats. Over the past few weeks, the Prime Minister himself has been actively campaigning in Bengal, one after another.

Alongside the barrage of criticism aimed at the Trinamool, Narendra Modi has also launched a scathing attack against the left. Modi stated, “At present, Bengal’s fate is being demolished by the Trinamool. However, for India to progress, Bengal must lead the way. Certain states play a crucial role in shaping the country’s destiny. Among them, Bengal holds paramount importance. Even a cursory glance at India’s history reveals Bengal’s pivotal role in social progress. Bengal has been at the forefront of India’s revolutionary movements, including the struggle for independence. Bengal’s influence has extended globally, contributing significantly to India’s reputation. Alongside luminaries like Rabindranath Tagore, one can mention Swami Vivekananda and Jagadish Chandra Bose. However, this rich heritage of Bengal has now been abandoned by the left formerly and recently by the Trinamool. For the country to move forward, Bengal’s renaissance is imperative.”

In Narendra Modi’s words, “Those immigrants against whom Mamata-ji tore up papers in Parliament, she is now protecting those immigrants herself. Now, it’s like a golden platter for them. She puts her populist projects ahead of the voting bank. When it comes to the voting bank, she opens Pandora’s box. Bengal can once again achieve the top position on the world stage. But for that, Bengal needs to break free from the politics of the voting bank. To propel the nation forward, Bengal needs a fresh awakening. However, it is unfortunate that power-hungry individuals are entrenched in Bengal politics. But change will come soon. Because the people of Bengal have accepted the BJP wholeheartedly.”


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