Arpita Banik Desher Samay

Nestled on the banks of the river Ichamati near the India-Bangladesh border, Bongaon boasts a rich cultural heritage garlanded with the memories of illustrious literary figures like Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay, Dinobandhu Mitra, Vishwanath Maitra, and the esteemed archaeologist Rakhaldas Bandopadhyay.

The city is adorned with innumerable ancient banyan trees, which proudly stands along the Jessore Road, narrating the intertwined tales of the people from both Bengals. “Desher Samay” is currently crafting a documentary on Bongaon’s rich heritage, capturing the essence behind the lens. This documentary will be directed by Partha Sarathi Nandi and assisted by Srijita Seal.

Stay tuned to “Desher Samay” for further updates.


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