Partha Sarathi Sen Gupta:, Kolkata

A new home for the IAS Association in Bengal!

Thanks to Nabanna, West Bengal IAS Association in Bengal may get some land for a new building. According to official sources, the land will be provided by the state government. It is initially known that the possibility of getting this land in Alipore in South Kolkata is bright. In an encouraging development about 21 katha of land to be provided to the Association in one lap.

In this context, a government official cautioned that the proposal is still in its nascent stage. He added, “The association is in discussion with the government. It is learnt from sources that the discussion has progressed a lot.” He clarified, “The need for the land has been felt for quite some time by the functionaries of the Association. The state government is also sympathetic to this issue. That is, as far as the IAS Association is concerned, the issue of land needs to be considered on priority basis. In this case, all the administrative steps will be taken according to the rules.”

It is to be mentioned that this organization of top administrators of the country has come a long way in the course of history. It has gradually evolved from a bastion of colonial ethos to an august institution keeping pace with the modern times. For example, the former name of the Association was changed a few years ago. Earlier it was known as the ” Indian Civil and Administrative Services (Central) Association’. Now it is renamed as IAS Association. Abandoning the colonial legacy of the British era, the administrators have taken this step in favor of the prevailing values of the new democratic India.

But the organization’s motto i.e. “Yoga Karmasu Kushalam” remains unchanged. It means that to perform professional duties diligently is synonymous to “real yoga”. The underlying faith is that this motto will inspire the IAS officers to work with dedication like a true ”Karma Yogi”.

And, the Mandarins belonging to the highest administrative cadre of the land cherish the hope that in the days to come the proposed new abode of the Bengal Chapter of IAS Association may be a real boon for further progress and inclusive development.


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