The Jessore Road expansion project has been a topic of much discussion and anticipation in Kolkata and North 24 Parganas. But this project has been impeded by many environmentalists and the hawkers.

The Jessore Road, also known as National Highway 112, serves as a crucial link between Kolkata and the North-Eastern states, particularly Assam and Tripura. It facilitates the movement of goods, people, and services between these regions, promoting trade and economic activity. 

The project aims to expand NH 112, which serves as a vital corridor for trade between India and Bangladesh. It connects Petrapole, the land border crossing point, with Kolkata, facilitating the movement of goods like agricultural produce, textiles, and machinery.

The expansion work has reportedly not been progressing actively for some time now. This has caused frustration and inconvenience for commuters facing traffic congestion and delays, which is adversely affecting the economy. As per the reports,this detained expansion project has caused a number of accidents, causing concern and raising questions about safety.

Multiple hindrances halted this project of expansion.

Jessore road has been the residence of several old trees. These greens have become one of the biggest obstacles in the road renovation. Initially, the Public Works Department had planned to cut down 4360 trees for the expansion of the road from Barasat to Petrapole. However, a voluntary organisation protested, claiming that cutting down so many trees for road renovation could have a negative impact on the environment.

The concerned organisations not only protested against the cutting of the trees on the streets, but they also filed a lawsuit in the Court. After hearing the lawsuit, the court issued a stay on the cutting of the trees , in 2018. As a result the road expansion project was halted. The case was further appealed to a higher court, and then the verdict was eventually in favor of the Government, allowing the expansion of Jessore Road, but with certain conditions. The National Highway Authority has been instructed to plant 1500 new trees in place of 305 old trees that have been cut.

Meanwhile, there were also problems with the temporary shops that occupied the footpath. Most shopkeepers were not willing to leave their place. As a result, it was very difficult for the authorities to carry out the road expansion work by removing them from their designated places. After this, the road repair work on Jessore Road has stopped. Regular commuters are demanding, ‘We want this road to be repaired immediately.’

Although five rail bridges were supposed to be built on Jessore Road from Barasat to Bongaon, they have not yet been built.

In the meanwhile, it is alleged that dry dead branches are not cut regularly, and with the breaking of these dry dead branches of trees, many people are losing their lives. 

Many people want the road to be widened. Lately, the Supreme Court has given permission to cut trees for the construction of rail bridges.

However,it is alleged that there is no sign of any action by the administration.

The various sections of society are waiting to see whether the administration can come up with any alternative plan to preserve the beauty of this ancient road along with conserving the environment.

The expansion of Jessore road in West Bengal has been a contentious issue. It remains a topic of discussion whether the central and state governments can align on this topic. Although it has been heard that the expansion will start,it has not been seen to be effective so far yet.

Minakshi Mukherjee, DYFI leader has criticized Trinamool Congress and the BJP for not widening the Jessore Road. On last Sunday afternoon she attended a meeting in Motiganj, Bongaon. She alleged that the road widening work is not being done due to the lack of sincerity of the BJP-TMC. Mukherjee said, “If the Jessore Road is widened, trade with Bangladesh would increase. The smuggling of cough syrup, cows, and contraband would stop. That’s why they will not allow it to be widened.”


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