Fire in godown at Bongaon


by our correspondent

Bongaon :A devastating fire broke down in the godown near Petrapole here .The fire gutted bales of cotton worth over Rs.1crore, said landport sources.According to fire department officials P D Sekhsaria trading company Pvt Ltd ofMumbai had kept full press cotton bales at the godown of Chandan Saha in his Kalupur godown for exporting it to Bangladesh .

On 8 July early morning between 4-5 am locals spotted fire in the godown.By the time fire brigade arrived due to high inflammable nature of the cotton the fire spread fast across the godown.Landport sources said, bales estimated to be aroundRs.

1 crore were burnt. Four fire tenders were pressed into service to douse the fire which over three hours.In order to facilitate spray of water, walls were broken with JCP cranes.

Before the fire was brought under control, cotton bales worth crores were already damaged.

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