Modi Takes PM’s Seat for the Third Time Despite Coalition Thorns

Srijita Seal

Will the government remain stable over the next five years?

Keeping this question in mind,Narendra Damodardas Modi poised to assume the Prime Minister’s position for the third time. On Sunday evening at 7:15PM, he will take the oath at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. However, despite holding the position of Prime Minister three times in a row, Modi must now navigate the thorns of coalition. Without obtaining an absolute majority, the government will have to rely on the support of the NDA to govern for the full term.

Ensuring unity among all coalition partners is paramount concern for Modi.Modi understands that any hesitation can shatter the government like a house of cards. He has quickly adapted to this reality.There’s a prevailing notion that without NDA’s backing, his governance prowess may falter. In meetings, Modi reiterates the names of NDA, conveying the significance of the alliance. However, despite all efforts, there’s a lingering concern regarding the appointment of ministers after forming the government, especially for critical positions like railways, finance, home affairs, and defense, which are crucial for any government.

The control of these Big Four ministries will be crucial for the coalition government. Nitish Kumar- JD(U), has already expressed his claim to the railway ministry. If the NDA government has to appease its crucial coalition partners, then they may have to relinquish control of another significant ministry, after 10 years , as the case with the railways happened.

When the NDA is busy building its stronghold in the government, the Congress seems to be preparing as well. On Saturday, there was a meeting of the Congress Working Committee. According to the sources Rahul’s name has been proposed as the opposition leader there. Rahul Gandhi has indicated that he will consider the matter.

The Congress is striving to regain its status as the opposition party in Parliament after 10 years. Just when there’s buzz in Delhi, there’s a surge of dissent within the Bengal BJP. Since the loss in Bardhaman-Durgapur constituency, former state president of the BJP, Dilip Ghosh, has been openly critical of the party’s state leadership. On Saturday, he posted a significant message on social media. It reads, “Old is Gold.” Political analysts suggest that through this post, Dilip Ghosh aims to convey the message that the party must respect its former workers appropriately and show them due honor. Otherwise, the BJP’s condition in Bengal will not improve.

Dilip Ghosh remarked that he was swapped from the constituency which he knew a very well and he was sent to a completely unfamiliar place. Winning in any unfamiliar place within one and a half months is not an easy task. After the announcement of the election results, Dilip Ghosh was spotted spending his leisure time in Swarupnagar on Saturday. There, he enjoying fishing . He said, “I enjoy being in the village environment. Besides, the members have brought mango and jackfruit trees from their houses. I enjoy spending time with them; it feels good.”

Sukanta Majumdar, the BJP state president, commented on the proposal of choosing Rahul Gandhi as the opposition leader in Parliament by the Congress. He said, “no heavyweight leader from Congress supported Adhir Chowdhuri during the election campaign. It’s unclear what settlements Congress’ top leadership has with Mamata Banerjee. But regarding the appointment of their party leader, they shall decide, and I have nothing to say.”

On the other hand, Sukanta’s shifted stance, praising Adhir, has created a political stir. Some political analysts speculate, will Adhir now make strides in the BJP to protect his own existence, having been defeated by the Trinamool? The Trinamool camp commented clearly: “Our leader Mamata Banerjee has already stated that Adhir Chowdhury was not the Congress candidate in Baharampur; he was the BJP candidate, so we defeated the BJP there.”

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