Srijita Seal

Desher Samay: After the release of exit poll predictions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed gratitude to the citizens through a post on his X-handle on Saturday evening. He said, ‘Bharat has voted. I thank all those who have exercised their democratic rights. The active participation of voters is a pillar of our democracy. Their responsibility has ensured the stability of our democracy. I extend my thanks to the women and youth. Their presence at every booth has enriched the essence of this festival of democracy.’

On this day, PM Narendra Modi thanked the citizens through multiple social media posts. At the same time, he did not miss the opportunity to hint at the NDA’s victory in the exit polls and take a jab at the opposition. Modi said, “I am confident that the citizens have voted overwhelmingly to bring back the NDA government to power. They have all seen our record. People are impressed with how the NDA government has improved the country and worked for the poor and marginalized. They have witnessed how successive economic developments by the NDA government have made India the fifth-largest economy in the world.” He added, “The opportunistic I.N.D.I. Alliance has failed to make a mark on the people’s minds. They are driven by caste, communalism, and corruption. These parties solely do dynasty politics. They excel only in mocking Modi. As a result, the people have rejected this kind of politics.”

Furthermore, the Prime Minister has thanked all the workers of the saffron camp. Modi is proud of those who reached out to the people by campaigning day and night for the last one and a half months amidst the intense heat. He also expressed his gratitude to the Election Commission and all security agencies for conducting this successful election process.


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