“The Golden Photo Contest (Nov)2018”


The Golden Photo Contest (Nov)2018″

Your entire is usually made up of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sometimes, it’s simply boring or completely adventurous. Use your “Camera & Cellphone” to capture your surroundings with the unusual angles to create gripping images. “

“Funny moments are always waiting for us right around the corner. For this contest, we want you capture humorous everyday instances, and present theme in a creative way.”

“There are thousands of occupations that keep our society running, this your chance to observe and document the various profession’s that inspire you in a skilled and creative manner.”

“Look beyond the usual pictures of the monsoon, nature,portrait, daily life,landscapes,travel,culture,fashion, skyscape,StreetLife,wedding, wildlife,day & night every subject show us your creative best!”

“Congratulations” Respectable Member, Annamaria Guarino –

Your image has been nominated for DESHER SAMAY ” The Golden Photo Contest “November 2018, Awards.

Thank you so much for being share your photos with us.

Hope you will post your best pictures in future & invite your friends in this group.

Congratulations again and Happy Clicking.

“Thanks for join us”

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