Modi Urges All to Plant Trees in Their Mother’s Name During ‘Mann Ki Baat’ Program

Srijita Seal Desher Samay

Prime Minister Narendra Modi resumed his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program on Sunday after being elected for the third time as the head of the government. Despite not achieving a single-party majority like the last two times, he stated that his government will work at least three times harder this term compared to the previous ones.

On this day, Modi said, ‘I extend my gratitude to all the citizens of India for giving us the opportunity to serve the nation in 2014, 2019, and now in 2024. I promise, this time we will work three times harder than before.’ Without naming any opposition leaders, Modi remarked, ‘Big dialogues alone won’t suffice; people want results. That’s why those who work are brought back to power by the people.’

He claimed that the 2024 electoral polls were the largest in the world, with 650 million people in the country casting their votes in this election. 

This day marked the 111th episode of the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program. In the episode, Prime Minister Modi paid special tribute to mothers, saying, “We should plant a tree in our mother’s name. I have planted one for my mother. You should also plant a tree with your mother or in her name. Nurture the motherland, and she will care for us like a mother.” 

Modi emphasized that the most valuable relationship in the world is the affection a mother has for her child. A mother occupies the highest place in our lives, enduring hardships to nurture her children.

He remarked, “Just as we can never fully repay the love of our birth mother, we cannot repay the debt to our motherland. Therefore, we must all care for our motherland as tenderly as we would for our own mothers.”

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