Honoring Our Healers: National Doctor’s Day 2024 Embraces ‘Healing Hands, Caring Hearts’ -Theme


“Medicines can cure diseases, but only doctors can cure patients.”- Carl Jung.

Srijita Seal Desher Samay

Doctors are one of the greatest warriors of our nation. They sacrifice their happiness and luxury for bringing just a smile on their patients’ faces. 

They are often regarded as pillars of society due to their crucial role in maintaining and improving public health. They not merely diagnose and treat illnesses but also provide invaluable support, comfort, and guidance to their patients and communities. Their expertise and dedication are fundamental in managing health crises, advancing medical research, and promoting preventive care. By upholding the health and well-being of individuals, doctors contribute significantly to the overall stability and progress of society. Their relentless commitment to their profession makes them indispensable pillars, upon which the health and future of society rest.

Today is 1 July, a day which is commemorated in the honour of these warriors. 

1st July is the birthday and sorrowfully the death day of the great physician, freedom fighter and Former Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. He played an active role in constructing India’s Health Care System . He was bestowed with the highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna, for his service.

This year’s theme for the National Doctor’s Day 2024 is “Healing Hands, Caring Hearts.” This theme acknowledges the hard work and how much compassion they usher to us. This theme beautifully spells what these individuals do to us everyday.

PM Modi on his X handle posted,

“ Greetings on #DoctorsDay. This is a day to honour the incredible dedication and compassion of our healthcare heroes. They can navigate the most challenging complexities with remarkable skill. Our Government is fully committed to improving the health infrastructure in India and ensuring doctors get the widespread respect they deserve.” 


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